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Special skin cleaning procedure which helps to renew the skin surface, raise its tonus and normalize the acid-base balance. We use a special “Earth and sea” salt during peeling procedure in our salon. The salt consists of the sea salt, Moroccan volcanic soil and the crushed laminaria. This procedure is recommended for soft purification and a rejuvenation of the body as long as it takes off the general strain and prepares for intensive physical exercises.


A special agent consisting of crushed algas of Laminaria Digitata, essential rosemary oil and sea salt is used during this procedure. The skin relief is leveled, rasping sites softened as a result of this pealing procedure. The used agent is rich in algas, which supports decreasing of the cholesterin level in blood and prevents development of atherosclerosis. The sea salt peeling has a strong anti-cellulite effect as well.


Body wrapping is a pleasant cosmetic procedure, which focuses on improvement of organism as a whole, saturation it with useful substances, removal of toxins and lymph flow improvement. There is a fucus extract used during body wrapping procedure to directly decrease superfluous volumes, successfully fight against cellulite and actively stimulate metabolism.

Contraindications: pregnancy, diseases of a thyroid gland, allergy to iodine.



Aromatherapy massage is an effective form of massage for eliminating of stress, physical and mental fatigue. Essential oils, used in an aromatherapy massage session, get deep into hypodermics through pores and are afterwards carried with blood and lymph through all body. Essential oils have a positive influence on respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. Aromatherapy massage may be quite successfully applied to prevent catarrhal diseases of children and adults. All essential oils which are used during an aromatherapy massage session are bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, actively strengthen immune system and protective forces of the organism. Regular aromatherapy massage sessions normalize mood, restore natural biorhythms, remove fatigue and stress, improve memory and strengthen dream, eliminate attacks of headache, take off stress, counterbalances the nervous system.

There are no contraindications to aromatherapy massage in case of a correct selection of essential oils.


Sports massage is applied to fight against fatigue and is used to rise working capacity, activate restoring forces of an organism, eliminate traumas received during trainings. It is recommended to take the sports massage for people leading an active way of life and athletes.

Contraindications for sports massage: acute respiratory diseases, blood illnesses, venereal diseases, acute inflammatory process, skin diseases, neoplasm, abdominal organs diseases, menses and pregnancy, stones in a gall bladder and kidneys.


During a can (vacuum) massage session there is vacuum created in special banks, which enlarges supply of tissues with oxygen and intensity of metabolism. Vacuum causes an appreciable rush of blood to tissues, which intensifies metabolism, increases the level of immune and regenerative processes in tissues. Biologically active substances – called enzymes – are created in a zone of vacuum intervention. It considerably improves condition of dermal tissues and eliminates some pathologies. During a session of can massage the client feels heat, muscular slackness, weakening of pains, rest.

The can massage is recognized around the world as the most effective agent used in a cellulite treatment – the vacuum destroys fat deposits and eliminates effect of "orange-peel".

Contraindications to can massage: larger pigmental and birthmarks in a zone of prospective influence; acute inflammatory skin diseases; blood illnesses; malignant tumors; idiopathic hypertensia; the implanted electrocardiostimulator; thrombophlebitis, clottage of vessels; infectious diseases.


Honey massage represents a combination of curative properties of honey and classical massage. During massage session honey absorbs quickly in the skin, releasing its bioactive components into blood and joining metabolism. Honey is rich in useful vitamins and microelements, which are instantly acquired by the organism. Honey clears the skin, incorporating all collected toxins. The skin elasticity is raised and hypodermic fat capsules are dissolved as a result of the honey massage.

Honey massage is recommended in case of muscular pains of various origins, it is also applied in case of osteochondrosis and supports rejuvenation of the organism as a whole. Honey massage is especially recommended during the winter period as it is successfully applied to prevent bronchitis, pneumonia, and in case of lowered immunity.

As long as all the internal organs of the human body have direct nervous connections with external integuments of the body, stimulating skin and muscles with honey has a direct effect on internal organs. Toxins are removed, the body is toned up and metabolic processes accelerated. Biologically active substances of honey get deep inside and strengthen angenesis of organs. Honey massage represents an extremely effective method of treatment and prevention of vegeto-vascular dystonia, disturbances in internal organs functioning, treatment of bronchitis, fixing pneumonia and in case of the lowered immunity.

Contraindications to honey massage: allergy to honey and beekeeping products, acute period of any disease, tumor of a various parentage, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, fragility of vessels.


Lympho massage removes toxins and superfluous liquid from the organism, removes puffiness and ecchymoses. Lympho massage is recommended for those, who are willing to loose weight and eliminate cellulite. We suggest to take a lympho massage at the day off as long as it has a strong effect on organism.

Contraindications to lympho massage: malignant tumors, dermal diseases, heart failure, clottage, hypotension (below 105/60), serious renal illness.


Segmentary massage is a type of a medical massage. There are specific sectors (segments) on a human skin, which are directly connected to internal organs. It is therefore possible to influence internal organs, which are not functioning well, by stimulating and massing certain skin segments.

Segmentary massage is applied in case of chronic and functional internal diseases, diseases of backbone and joints, disturbance of functions of endocrine and vegetative system as well as in case of blood supply disturbance.

Contraindications to segmentary massage: general infectious diseases, acute inflammation of dermal tissues, pregnancy.


There are a lot of sensitive points on a palm and a foot of, by stimulating and massing which it is possible to influence organism as a whole. We practice a European (soft) method of reflexotherapy in our salon. The reflexotherapy restores natural balance of the organism, eliminates physical and mental stress.

Contraindications: dermal diseases.


The Swedish massage – classical massage which will help you to relax after an intense working day, eliminate pain in muscles and joints, correct a posture, activate regenerative functions of the organism.

Contraindications: infectious diseases, acute heart failure, vein thrombosis, illnesses of a thyroid gland.


Anti-cellulite massage removes superfluous liquid and toxins from the organism, normalizes blood circulation in problem places, eliminating cellulite, improves metabolism and is therefore recommended for those, who are willing to loose weight.

The problem of cellulite is familiar to almost all women. Duly chosen anti-cellulite massage course can help to prevent development of cellulite, make skin more clean and elastic, improve its contours and relief and get a toxins-free body.

Anti-cellulite massage may be also a good preventive measure. A massage course of 15 sessions will guarantee the best results. It is recommended to take the next course every six months. Take a supporting anti-cellulite massage session at least once every two weeks to fix the achieved results. Anti-cellulite massage may be successfully combined with can and honey massage as well.

Contraindications to anti-cellulite massage: dermal diseases in the acute period, good-quality and malignant tumors, infectious diseases.